Killing it with kindness

At work it’s typical to be focussed on the job, maybe even complaining about our colleagues with other workmates. It can feel pretty therapeutic to have a good vent about the co-worker who slacks off or doesn’t wear deodorant if we’re honest can’t it? It can even be easier to tune out workmates altogether and just get on with the job at times. Maybe you simply don’t notice that your co-worker’s tired, stressed or emotionally different because you’re flat out getting your responsibilities handled each day.

Just as we spend quality time with our friends and family, we spend a stack of time at work, so why not spread some kindness there too? Kindness can be brought into each scenario at work to create a constructive and more cohesive work environment. It increases people’s sense of wellbeing, improves mental health, plus increases creativity and productivity at work significantly. Participating in acts of kindness is healthy and really contagious, creating an atmosphere we all enjoy turning up to each day more.  

Below are some simple and fun ways to show you care at work:

  1. If it’s not to the detriment of your own workload, offer to help a workmate with a task, especially if you enjoy that work and they don’t.

  2. Find an act of kindness like making a cuppa for a tired workmate or manager.

  3. Write inspired postie notes of appreciation to team members, particularly during tough times - just make sure they’re authentic and basic.

  4. Take a moment to have a genuine convo with support staff if you are in a managerial role OR if not, reach beyond your inner circle of people and connect.

  5. Tell your manager or supervisor what they do well and the ways you appreciate them; be wary of brown-nosing.. Be genuine!

  6. Compliment someone you don’t have the best relationship with for their excellence in something (even their home cooking..) and really mean it.

  7. Recognise when someone’s having a bad day and find a way to help. Maybe just providing some light, humorous banter would do the trick or a cup of tea.

Improving your health and wellbeing is possible through acts of kindness at work and makes excellent business sense.  

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