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Behavioural profiling with DISC PROFILE®

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DISC PROFILE® is the world's most advanced behavioural assessment system and is designed to provide users with practical and, most importantly, useable information, creating a platform for achieving real results in your workplace.

We have on staff one of only approximately 300 Accredited DISC PROFILE® consultants and facilitators in Australia.

Using DISC PROFILE®, HRM can work with you and your team to create an understanding of the different behavioural styles that make-up your workforce and identify opportunities for improving communication, teamwork, leadership and overall productivity in the workplace.

Investing in a consultation or workshop facilitated by our HR consultant will guide you to:

  • consider the different types of behaviours we choose in different settings;
  • identify the behavioural styles we frequently use; and
  • understand and adapt to behavioural styles that are different from our own.

Introducing DISC to your workplace can be facilitated in a number of ways:

  • One-on-one consultation and assessment
  • Pair consultation and assessment
  • Team assessment and facilitated workshop
  • Recruitment and selection

For more information, please view our factsheet on Behavioural profiling with DISC ADVANCED® or contact us.

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