Career Guidance

If you are planning a move from your current role, a change in your career, wanting to explore the right career choice for you or just update your resume, we understand it can sometimes be a daunting and difficult process. At HRM, we aim to make these processes easy and hassle-free, and can support your career goals through a number of career guidance services.

Our career guidance solutions are delivered by a qualified and experienced HR consultant.

Our personalised services include:


Our HR consultant will review your resume, your current career goals and the position(s) you are currently interested in or likely to be applying for in the future and prepare your professional cover letter. This letter will capture the key elements from your work history and align these with the identified role.


Whether it’s reviewing your current resume and checking for spelling and grammar issues, or designing and developing a resume from scratch, HRM provides the full spectrum of support. You can select the best option to suit your needs.

Our experienced consultants can deliver a professional document that will give you the confidence to apply for roles now or in the future.


As part of an application process you may need to respond to selection criteria. Drafting an effective response can place you miles ahead of other candidates, so it is crucial that time and effort is dedicated to getting this right.

Our friendly consultants offer two options to suit your requirements in this area:

  • Option one: Reviewing drafted responses to selection criteria and providing advice to enhance these responses for an application.
  • Option two: Drafting selection criteria responses from scratch, based on consultation over the phone or face-to-face to ensure these responses are targeted to meet the job requirements and accurately reflect your work history and achievements.


Are your knees knocking at the prospect of attending a job interview? Whether you have attended 20 interviews over the years or have never had to go through a formal interview process, preparation is always the key.

HRM can provide you with one-on-one interview coaching to prepare you for the next role you are applying for and assist in calming the nerves.


Not sure if the work you’re doing is fulfilling anymore? Want to explore what you could do with your current skills, experience and qualifications? Looking to move into a different profession, but don’t know how to make the move?

We are able to navigate this minefield and help you reach your career goals, whatever they may be. These services are usually face-to-face and one-on-one and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.


Do you wonder if you are currently being paid in line with market rates for your profession? Are you looking for a change of job or relocating and not sure what you should expect in a salary?

Our HR consultants can undertake a market salary comparison for you, with access to salary information that is not always available in the public domain.

Aside from the personalised career guidance services listed above, we also offer a range of free online career guidance resources including resume and interview tips to name a few.