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Employing is more than looking at a resume.

As a recruiter or employer, it’s important to remember that most candidates are not professional resume writers. There is a high possibility your perfect candidate is hiding behind a resume that doesn’t clearly define their skills and abilities.

Recently HRM were recruiting hospitality staff, and more specifically we needed people with an RSA and the ability to carry three plates at once. Nine out of 10 resumes didn’t include the information we needed, but we called anyone who had waitressing/bar experience and found many were actually appropriately skilled for the job. So many people said “Oh, I forgot to add that to my resume” when we asked about the skills we required.

This also happens for higher level positions. If you’re looking for a specific small detail and it’s not there, you may assume that person doesn’t have the experience you’re looking for. But resumes are usually poor representations of a person’s experience and capabilities, so just scan them. If you can’t absolutely disqualify a candidate based on reviewing their resume in 10 seconds, contact them. You may find that some of those candidates actually do have the skills and experience you need

Employing a new person is a big investment for you and your company. Hiring the wrong person can cost three times their annual salary. In the past employers would look at a resume, conduct and interview and then may conduct a reference check before hiring a new employee.  Why not take advantage of many of the other options available to you today?

Online testing – cut your shortlist by conduction online testing to verify your candidates can do what they say. This can include MS Office skills, spelling and grammar, call centre skills and so much more.

Psychometric testing – measures a candidate’s relevant strengths and weaknesses. This form of measurement is primarily employed to assess employment suitability, including company-candidate fit.

Behavioural interview questions – this is based on the principle that your past behaviour is the best indicator of how you will perform in the future. They are designed to get your candidate talking about how they handled certain situations in the past

Recruiting at this level will increase your chances of hiring your ideal candidate. It also gives you peace of mind knowing the person who will be working for you can actually do what they say they can.

HRM can incorporate all of these steps in their recruitment process. So, to save your time, you can give us a call on 07 5436 1000 to discuss what we can do for you.

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