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Local businesses offer free assistance to help Bonza employees find employment.

The Sunshine Coast’s largest local recruitment and employment firm, HRM Contracting and Consulting, have announced that they will offer free assistance to Bonza staff looking for new roles in light of the ongoing uncertainty around the future of the airline.

Founder of HRM, Sally Desch said, “We currently have 30 positions we need to fill, and I have no doubt that there will be many Bonza employees that will be ideal for some of these roles.

“The roles include hospitality, administration, management accounting, accounts and IT services and many of the Bonza staff will have transferrable skills that will make them very attractive candidates for these positions.

Ms Desch said that this will be a very stressful time for employees, who have been stood down without pay for the second week in a row, and said that while they await further news from the administrators, they should consider casual or temp work to help with cash flow.

“We understand during this extended stand down period, employees can take on casual or temporary roles without impacting their entitlements. This is important because many people are living wage to wage, so we need to help find them jobs quickly to ease their financial stress.”

To help Bonza staff understand what roles are available across the Sunshine Coast and how they can best prepare for their job search Ms Desch has offered free information to discuss the roles she is recruiting for, that may be suitable for Bonza employees and to review the CV’s of Bonza staff that need assistance.

Because many employees will have rent or mortgage commitments Ms Desch has collaborated with a representative from a local bank to provide guidance around the steps that can be taken during periods of staff stand downs or redundancies.

“Job loss understandably adds a lot of pressure to people when they have financial commitments but there are things people can do that will help ease that pressure temporarily while they get back on their feet,” Ms Desch said.

“Communicating with your bank is essential during these times and it is important to start those conversations early on so that they can work with you over the coming months until you get back on track, and we have organised a local banking representative to provide guidance to people who may be unsure of what to do next.”

Ms Desch is also encouraging all organisations who have roles they are currently recruiting for to contact her so that she can communicate this to potential candidates.

More information is available by contacting the HRM office on 07 5430 7750.

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