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Marketing targeted to your current and prospective employees

The term marketing is not usually an activity associated with your internal people management processes. However, in today’s employment market, marketing yourself to your employees and prospective employees can be the competitive advantage you need to ensure you have the most suitable and qualified employees working for you and not your competitors.

Just like any marketing strategy, you need to focus your activities on your customer, i.e. your current and prospective employees. You need to be honest and realistic about what you are promising to deliver in the employee experience and then be sure you deliver.

Your goal is for your current employees to be your best advocates for working in your organisation and for prospective employees to be lining up to apply for your next vacancy. So the next time you are reviewing or developing your marketing plan, once you have completed this for your product/service, take it that step further and review your HR activities to ensure you are marketing yourself to your current and prospective employees!

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