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New Year. Fresh Start.

Any time of the year it is possible to make a fresh start and look at doing things differently, but particularly in the New Year there is great hope for wiping the slate clean and trying new things.

In terms of your employees, I encourage you to make a fresh start by confronting yourself about that employee who has caused you frustration. We all know that employee – we repeatedly find ourselves overlooking their poor performance or behaviour because we don’t have the time, confidence, or energy to address it. We do, however, expend a great deal of energy complaining to ourselves that their performance or behaviour does not change. Well, it is time to step up and take charge and manage the situation!

Make a fresh start in your approach and draw a line in the sand with that employee and clearly define your expectations for their performance or behaviour. At the same time, provide and outline achievable consequences so if those expectations are not met, you can commit to following through on those consequences. This will certainly take energy, confidence, and time, but eventually you will be rewarded when either there is improved performance from that employee, or you now can manage that employee through an appropriate performance management process.

Above all though, you will be rewarded with; a sense of pride in yourself for overcoming the obstacles to confront the situation, a sense of control and confidence that you can confront a frustrating situation and finally respect from your other staff who have observed that performance or behaviour being accepted over time.

If you manage the situation the same way you did previously, you will go through the next year feeling the same way about the situation, so make a fresh start and try something different to achieve something different.

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