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Outsourcing your payroll processing allows you to focus on developing your business whilst our consultants manage the pay and administrative tasks of paying your employees.

HRM provides two different services to meet your business needs. Our standard payroll services have been designed to meet simple payroll environments where employment conditions are not complex. Our customised payroll services have been designed to meet complex work conditions and provides greater online time management. With our standard payroll services we process your employees wages from either auto-pay setup or approved online timesheets. Your employees have access to an online Employee Self Service (secure cloud-based) to enable them to update their own data, access payslips and payment summaries or to apply for leave online. Your managers have access to this same portal to view their details but with a managers access to approve both timesheets and leave applications. We calculate all payroll components, prepare pay period reconciliations and submit to you for authorisations. Upon your approval, we then produce payslips and email them to your employees. We provide you with output files like ABA, Superannuation and GL files (automatically, to most common accounting products). We perform standard payroll administration activities which include compliance and legislative monitoring to meet quality standards.

HRM presents a team of capable, qualified professionals to deliver this service to you.

In considering to outsource your payroll function to HRM, the following benefits may be of interest to you. In the provision of any service and whether you outsource it or not, the return on investment and benefits should always outweigh the cost of the service delivered by an in-house team (employees). Quality payroll management where compliance, legislative and risk management activities will meet audit requirements. Employees paid on time, every time. HRM’s service is efficient and cost effective reducing the need for in-house staff to perform the function. This means that the management costs for in-house resources is negated. See below for a salary –v– cost comparison: Streamlined configuration and establishment steps with a payroll consultant to minimise the burden on your resources. Flexible options to meet your business needs. Online capability to streamline timesheet and leave management. Transparent authorisation and reporting.
HRM provides you with a free initial consultation to discuss and plan for the transition of services.

HRM’s services are smart, practical and efficient.

HRM’s services save you time and costs.

HRM’s services are accurate and compliant.