Any time of the year it is possible to make a fresh start and look at doing things differently, but particularly in the New Year there is great hope for wiping the slate clean and trying new things. I know we are in late Feb...

There has been a lot said and written about the recent Full Court of the Federal Court decision, WorkPac v Skene, regarding casual employment and the entitlement to annual leave. It has left us all wondering what just happened, and where to from here, with casual employment. There are some interesting elements of this decision that will be ringing alarm bells for those of us who engage casual employees.

  Being in the people business, I can’t go past another opportunity to write about how “people” are a key strategy for success. I strongly believe the success in running any business that employs people lies in having the right people, with the right capability in the right place at the right time. If all of these ingredients are in the mix at the same time, then with the right business plan to support those people, success is almost guaranteed.