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Marketing targeted to your current and prospective employees

The term marketing is not usually an activity associated with your internal people management processes. However, in today’s employment market, marketing yourself to your employees and prospective employees can be the competitive advantage you need to ensure you have the most suitable and qualified employees working for you and not your competitors. Just like any …

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Innovative Human Resources

The world in which businesses operate is always changing. Whether it is innovation through; delivery of training, people management activities, remuneration structures, employment arrangements or rostering of staff. Some examples include: Introducing the use of Individual Flexibility Agreements to allow flexible employment arrangements is one way businesses can be more innovative to maximise the employment …

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The Importance of Professional Development

When some people hear the words ‘professional development’ they jump with joy… others internally groan. If you’re a business owner professional development is something that should be highly regarded by both you and your employees, so it’s important you paint it in a positive light. It’s easy for staff members to become comfortable within their …

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